Update on Nature Throid and WP Thyroid as sent to Janie Bowthorpe (author of Stop the Thyroid Madness)

Update on Nature Throid and WP Thyroid as sent to Janie Bowthorpe (author of Stop the Thyroid Madness)

This is from Janie Bowthorpe’s blog on her website – Stop the Thyroid Madness..I just wanted to pass along the info for all my many thyroid pts! Carey

The Makers of Naturethroid & WP Thyroid have contacted Janie Bowthorpe

Here is a May 16th, 2018 update directly from RLC Labs to me via email (and perhaps on their site)–the maker of Naturethroid and WP Thyroid, both natural desiccated thyroid brands. Comments from me, Janie Bowthorpe, below that. 

Since we went back into production, there have been a lot of questions–understandably so– around what caused the backorder, why certain strengths have been released ahead of others, and why available strengths are not yet at some pharmacies. We have done our best to communicate updates throughout the delay but deeply apologize if they did not reach you or answer your questions. It is not our intention to keep anyone in the dark or hide anything, and we hope this letter helps clear things up a bit more.

After expanding our operations to better accommodate growing demand and overcoming hurdles in obtaining raw material–the primary factor behind the backorder–we are happy to say that everything needed to ensure ongoing, full-scale production is in place. We are actively shipping and are focused on filling backorders.

We are far from being a “big pharma” company, however, and do not have the scale of one, but we are maximizing our working capacity and mean it when we say every effort is being made to expedite things. We are a small but dedicated team, many of whom take Nature-Throid® and WP Thyroid® , that has been and continues to be committed to keeping patients, not profits, the top priority. We also have very strict quality standards. Every batch of Nature-Throid and WP Thyroid is rigorously tested to ensure it meets or exceeds United States Pharmacopeia (USP) monographs for potency and consistency.

Our commitment to quality has been a huge factor in why no RLC Labs® medication has ever being recalled for inconsistent hormones and we do our due diligence to keep it that way. Working through our existing orders at our size and with our strict quality standards takes time, but progress is being made–including with WP Thyroid, which we will share updates on as soon as they become available.

We remain committed to staying as transparent as possible throughout this process, but just like any other company, some of our information–such as our processes and sources–is strictly internal-only. This has been understandably frustrating in some instances, but please know that we are sharing what information we can when we can. We will continue to do so, just as we have from the start, until all strengths are fully stocked and available again.

In that spirit, here are the real facts of some rumors you may have heard along the way:

● RLC Labs is not going out of business, nor have we been acquired by any other company.
● There are no issues with our licensing and the backorder is completely unrelated to any governmental or FDA-related rumors.
● Neither of our medications, nor any strengths of them, are being discontinued.
● We stay committed to maintaining the affordability of our medications. Pharmacies set their own prices, but ours have not changed.
● Our strict quality standards apply to every part of our operation–from our guaranteed hormone levels to our materials and manufacturing–which is why we carefully source our thyroid from the U.S. and Canada and are only in production in the continental U.S.

It has been difficult not being able to serve our patients at the level you have come to know and expect from us, but we know that what we are dealing with is a far cry from the challenges our patients are facing and for that we are truly sorry. Our teams are working around the clock to get us back on track, but below are some suggestions if your doctor or pharmacy is having trouble obtaining available strengths, or if you are having trouble locating them. Your continued understanding, patience, and support are greatly appreciated as we work to make things right.


Please check the availability statement on our website (getrealthyroid.com) for a list of actively shipping strengths. If your doctor or pharmacy is having trouble obtaining available strengths, they can contact us directly for assistance via the ‘Provider’ tab on our contact page. Any pharmacy of your choice that is not required to order through a wholesaler can also contact us through our website for a direct account–this applies for many healthcare providers as well. Please note that most pharmacies do not order directly from RLC Labs but through third party suppliers, and many large chains are required to order through a wholesaler. Once product is out our doors, we have no control over how it is prioritized or distributed among pharmacies, nor do we have any insight into a specific location’s inventory. If you are having trouble getting an available strength from your local pharmacies, we recommend checking any of the mail-order pharmacies listed on our website. The states shown only indicate where they are located; please check the pharmacy’s website or contact them to see where they ship. When getting your prescription filled through any pharmacy–brick & mortar or mail-order–we also recommend asking for both the cash price and insurance price (pending coverage) as all pharmacies set their own prices.

Comments and summary from Janie Bowthorpe

As long as I’ve been doing this, I’ve always been amazed at the false information patients receive from Pharmacists especially, then from each other, which spreads like wildfire in groups.

For example, note above that RLC has not been bought out by another company, and they have their tablets produced in the continental US, i.e. NOT in Puerto Rico. Both rumors were rampant and widespread. I even approved a few comments on the STTM blog posts that stated the Puerto Rico comment, and had massive doubts. But the rest of their comment was too good to reject the post.

Also note that RLC labs is working on getting WP Thyroid back as well i.e., no, it has not been discontinued–another rumor. The lesson is: don’t believe everything you hear!!

Also note that the reason this all happened, says RLC Labs, is because of increased difficulty in obtaining their Thyroid USP–that means the desiccated porcine powder. Costs were getting higher, as well. So they state they are now sourcing their thyroid powder from both the US and Canada…they wouldn’t state from whom. The latter is also on top of “some infrastructural upgrades (bigger facility, updated technology, refined processes) not too long ago”, stated RLC, to better meet the growing demand for their medications.

Finally, I think it was a good recommendation to ask for both the cash price and insurance price at your pharmacy. There may be a savings there.

In the meantime….

There are other good Natural Desiccated Thyroid products like NP Thyroid made by Acella–many good reports on that one. Even the less popular Armour has been working for some, even if not all. Here is a summary of your choices for a much better treatment of your hypothyroid state.

Also please note: if you switch and don’t feel you aren’t doing well, consider two things:

  1. The amount that did you well on Naturethroid or WP may be a different amount with another brand. REDO YOUR FREE T3 and FREE T4 and see how you stand after being on the different brand a few weeks, because you may need to tweak. Optimal puts the free T3 toward the top along with a free T4 mid-range.
  2. Some people have developed either a cortisol problem and/or iron issue, and it’s being revealed on the different brand. Find out by doing all four iron labs and cortisol saliva testing. Too many people are blaming brands, and it’s most likely either 1 or 2 are the real problems.

Don’t hesitate to comment below! Could RLC Labs have done all this better than they did?  Does the above give you peace of mind? Have YOU been able to acquire the latest Naturethroid? How are you doing??





Lisa S.

Thanks so much for posting this! I’ve been navigating getting my NatureThroid for a while and have been lucky where I’ve been able to find some, along with combining pills to get my dose.

I only had to take Armour for a short time during the NatureThroid shortage aspect. I was on Armour for years, but switched in 2016 and feel worlds better! So, I’ve been highly motivated to keep on the NatureThroid.

One thing I have done is pay out of pocket for the full 90 days, since my insurance will only allow me to have 30 days at a time, despite my doctor writing the script for 90s days.

Persistence and patience of mine have been tested, but over time, I realized that challenges with those weren’t helping my health.

One thing that really astounds me is how even my physician’s office spread misinformation, saying that RLC Labs was thinking of not making NatureThroid any more, along with recently saying their production was in Puerto Rico, haha! Yeah, I had been following things on RLC Labs, so I was very concerned about them spreading such misinformation, along with being handed a pamphlet on NP Thyroid. Hmm, right? I also had an independent pharmacy I worked with to get actual NatureThroid, but soon, they ran out and turned around to blame RLC Labs and spread additional misinformation. I even sent them the letter from RLC Labs’ website as a point of information. They tried to sell me on their compounded thyroid.

I actually avoid reading certain blogs online about this matter, since often, there are tons of negative comments, hopelessness, and misinformation spread. I don’t think those help with our health either.

Thanks for letting me share my longwinded thoughts. On a side note, so much of this motivated me to seek out a new physician’s office and I’m excited to begin working with them.

Lisa S.


Ted Bendy

Spot on with this write-up, I really believe this web site needs far more attention. I’ll probably be back again to read through more, thanks for the advice!



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